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Special Chem est une entreprise créée en 2000 proposant une marketplace business to business axée sur les matériaux et produits chimiques. Elle met en relations fournisseurs et groupes industriels de divers secteurs et industries, de la cosmétique à l’agriculture. Elle propose également divers services à l’attention des professionnels, comme des études et cours en ligne.

Produits du site Special Chem

Coatings est la catégorie de Special Chem qui concerne les enduits et revêtements

La catégorie Adhesives de Special Chem concerne les ingrédients adhésifs

Special Chem propose un service publicitaire proposant aux fournisseurs de mettre en avant certains de leurs produits

La catégorie Polymer Additives de Special Chem propose des additifs pour polymères

L’Open Innovation de Special Chem permet de mettre en relations demandeurs et fournisseurs de technologies en développement

Special Chem propose aux professionnels de la chimie de participer à l’élaboration de MOOC ou de fournir des études  et articles

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This paper examines the tensile strength and Izod impact behavior of natural fibers and wood particles in recycled polypropylene composites for injection molding. The initial round of testing compares the performance of the straight recycled polypropylene resin versus non-compatibilized natural fiber or particle composites (...)

The consumption of plastic products over the years has been producing large numbers of waste material, which accumulate by landfill generating considerable environmental problems. Among biodegradable polymers, there is the PHB (poly-3-hydroxybutyrate), which has attracted more attention once it is obtained from renewable sources (...)

In recent years the search for biodegradable polymers has excelled due to environmental issues. Among the biodegradable polymers from renewable sources, the poly (lactic acid) - PLA is one of the most widely used commercially, and several researches are being developed in order to improve their properties and thus increase its commercial applicability (...)

The present invention relates to a coatings composition comprising an alkyd, a pigment, a rheology modifier, a radical producing oxidoreductase, and one or more additives, wherein the alkyd contains at least one C6-30 -C(O)O-- group having at least one diallylic group (...)

An adhesive composition for use in adhering insulation panels to roofing substrates and roofing membranes to the insulation panels include two components that are mixed prior to application on the roofing substrate. The first component may include a renewable polyol and catalyst (...)

Mascaras are used to enhance the eyelashes. They were once prepared with oil and lamp-black. There are two main types of mascara formulations: water based and anhydrous/ waterproof mascaras (...)